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Refinished Design Inspirations

When you're refinishing & painting furniture there is just so much that can be done to style a piece in fun, classy, artistic and creative ways. We specialize in a wide array of styles, techniques and designs. From simple designs to intricate and complex, there aren't a lot of styles we can't accommodate.


We've assembled some inspiration below of custom furniture refinished and painted but if you don't see what you want, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to source the right style with you.

Didn't see the style you had hoped for? 

If you didn't see what you were hoping for, that's okay. This list isn't all-compassing. If you have something in mind that wasn't list, just contact us and we can tell you if it's a style or design we can recreate.


See a style you like? Simply reach out to request FREE estimate and I'll get back to you quickly with some options and pricing.

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