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Cabinet Refinishing

Are you looking to give your cabinetry a makeover? Whether its kitchens, bathrooms or built-ins we paint and refinish cabinets to give them new life and a whole new look at a much lower cost and usually much quicker than having to replace them.

Refinishing Your Cabinets

The kitchen is usually the primary hub of your home and it is likely where most of your time is spent cooking, entertaining or simply being with family. But over time, all of that activity can take a toll on your cabinetry and they can wear, fade or simply become outdated. Refinishing your cabinets can be one of the quickest and most affordable ways to give your space an entirely new look without remodeling your entire kitchen.


Whether choosing a classy white, a vibrant blue, a gorgeous gray, two tones for contrast or a farmhouse style, refinishing your cabinets and replacing the hardware can truly transform your kitchen and bring it back to life in the same high quality, artistic way we refinish the furniture we work with.


And don't forget about the other important rooms in the house! Bathroom vanities, built-ins, and any other cabinetry in need of a refreshed and refinished look can be painted as well. Whether you're just moving into a home and trying to make it your own or looking to update your existing one, painting cabinets is a perfect way to get you there.

Image by Roam In Color

Refinishing cabinets can be a great alternative to completely replacing your existing ones. Not only is it quicker, it can save you money and is far less disruptive than remodeling, avoiding weeks of work to gut the kitchen just to replace the boxes, cabinets and doors. Refinishing provides more flexibility, more styles & colors to choose from to customize your cabinets just the way you want them. 

Why Refinish Your Cabinets?

Great Value

Refinishing cabinets is far cheaper than replacing them. Whether it's kitchens, bathrooms or built-ins, cabinets are expensive, not to mention the other costs of countertops, sinks and backsplashes! Refinishing can save you a lot of money, give you a lasting new look and improve home values for a great return on your investment.

It's Quick

A complete kitchen remodel could take weeks, possibly months and leaves your kitchen unusable. Refinishing kitchen cabinets usually takes a week and the best part is, you can still use your kitchen while most of the work is underway!

Any Color or Style

One of the benefits of refinishing cabinets is the flexibility in choice you have for the look you want. By choosing from any color, finish and style you can create bright, dark, modern, vintage or a custom look of your own using high quality paints and finishes that bring your room back to life, the way you want it. 

It's Safe

Whether it's your kitchen, your bathroom or your playroom, if it's in your home you want it to be safe & healthy for everyone. We only use natural paints and finishes so that in your most used areas you have the peace of mind that your family is safe from harmful chemicals or materials.

Before & After

Check out some of our before and after pictures below of some cabinet makeovers we've recently done. 

How It Works

One of the best parts of refinishing your cabinets is how simple, quick and collaborative the process is.


  • All of our consultations are free and we first meet with you to discuss the vision you have, talk through colors, styles, finishes and textures before preparing some samples for you to make final decisions from.


  • From there, if you decide to move forward, we walk through the process end-to-end with you so we are all aligned on dates, what needs to happen, how disruptive it might be and how long it will take. After all, we realize how disruptive not having access to parts of your kitchen can be and we want to restore it to its new working order as fast as possible for you!


  • After that, the process begins. It starts with removing drawers, fronts, doors and hardware. Rest assured, we prep by taping off the entire area to protect floors, countertops, ceilings and mask off other rooms as needed. We prep the cabinets & drawers for painting by cleaning, degreasing, sanding and fixing minor imperfections back at our workshop. 

  • When all the prep work is done, the priming, painting and artistic technique process begins to apply all the right finishing touches on your new cabinets.

  • Once everything is complete, we reassemble everything, install hardware, take down all the tape and plastic, clean up and introduce you to your beautiful new kitchen!

 Also, Rabbit & The Oak takes great pride in only using the safest and highest quality paints, stains, top coats and other materials made from things like minerals, water, waxes or plant oils. All of the paints we use are non-toxic, low VOC, low-odor and non-hazardous.


Our motto is simple: We only use products and paints that we would feel comfortable putting in our own home with our own three children. If it's not good enough for us, it's not good enough for you.

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